My green carpet

The integral area design ‘Mijn Groene Loper’ on top of the new A2 highway tunnel in order to improve the connections between the former by highway separated neigbourhoods in the city of Maastricht. The project contains the addition of more than 1.000 dwellings and 30.000 m2 square meters of commercial real estate. Time: 2016-2026. Avenue 2 and Ballast Nedam Building & Development.

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CNN Transformations

In january 2015 CNN dedicated an episode of the series ‘Transformations’ to A2 Maastricht. Each episode of Transformations is dedicated to a singular urban development project, highlighting how it has or will transform the surrounding region and its positive impact on society. Watch the episode here.


Last update: December 2015

The A2 Maastricht project organisers want to agree upon a single integrated and sustainable plan for the city and the motorway, from which future generations will continue to benefit!

A plan with multiple objectives for the improvement of the traffic flow on the A2 and the accessibility of Maastricht, as well as one that promotes the quality of life and road safety, resolving bottlenecks within the city, and creating opportunities for urban development.

The A2 project organisation was set up in 2003 and consists of representatives of the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, the Provincial Government of Limburg, and the municipal councils of Maastricht and Meerssen.

Expo Real 2015: welcome to the Maastricht Region

In this short movie the real estate opportunities in Maastricht Region are showcased.


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