Measures taken by A2 Maastricht

The approach has led to Avenue2 taking the following measures:
  • The gross wages will remain the same as the wages specified in the Collective Labour Agreement for the construction industry 2013, despite the fact that up until March 2014 there was no valid Collective Labour Agreement.*) In practice, this means that the employees receive a minimum of around €1,600 net per month; with overtime added, they typically receive €1,800 to €2,000 per month. 
  • Working hours are monitored more closely than was previously the case to check compliance with the Working Hours Act (Arbeidstijdenwet) - 48 hours per week over a period of 16 weeks.
  • The deductions have been permanently reduced to about half. 
  • Social insurance contributions will from now on be paid in the Netherlands and not in Portugal.    
  • The regulation for the safety passes has been modified.
* On 10 March 2014, an agreement was reached regarding an interim Collective Labour Agreement for the construction and infrastructure sectors. This prevented the long drawn-out conflict involved in drawing up a new, definitive Collective Labour Agreement.