Maastricht Bereikbaar

Together with Maastricht Bereikbaar, we look at the alternative travel options we can suggest to reduce to a minimum the inconvenience caused by the weekend
roadworks.* For more information visit www.maastrichtbereikbaar.nl.

* Please note: Public transport offers from Maastricht Bereikbaar are linked to the roadworks. In the event of the roadworks being rescheduled for the reserve weekend, these offers will also be moved to the weekend beginning on the evening of Friday 17 June and ending on the morning of Monday 20 June 2016.


From Friday 3 June, 8:00 PM, to Monday 6 June, 6:00 AM

Traffic will need to take note of roadworks taking place at the Europaplein interchange during the weekend from the evening of Friday 3 June until the morning of Monday 6 June, which will result in major delays due to closures and diversions. During this weekend, we will be adjusting the crash barriers between the lanes in the direction of Eindhoven and Liège. We will also be placing boom barriers between the crash barriers.


Traffic measures during roadworks

On the A2 towards Eindhoven*:
  • One lane will be open between the slip road of junction 55 (Randwyck) and the Europaplein interchange.
On the A2 towards Liège:
  • The carriageway between the exit for Cadier en Keer/Vaals and the Europaplein interchange will be closed. Traffic will be diverted via the Cadier en Keer/Vaals (N278) exit, John F. Kennedysingel, and the slip road to the A2 in the direction of Liège.
Slip road Kennedysingel from Limburglaan*
  • The carriageway in the direction of Cadier en Keer/Vaals will be closed between Limburglaan and Akersteenweg. Traffic in the direction of Eindhoven will be diverted via Oeslingerbaan and traffic to Liège will be diverted via Hoge Weerd and junction 56 (Gronsveld).

* The A2 in the direction of Eindhoven including the slip road at junction 55 (Randwyck) will be closed between the slip road for junction 56 (Gronsveld) and Europaplein interchange in the evenings and throughout the night. Traffic will be diverted via Hoge Weerd, Limburglaan, and the John F. Kennedysingel slip road which will be open to traffic during the evening hours.

Please note: schedules are based on a range of conditions and are subject to change. It is therefore possible that work may also be carried out during the 'reserve' weekend from the evening of Friday 17 June to the morning of Monday 20 June. We will keep you updated at www.a2maastricht.nl/ombouweuropaplein.
Photography: Aron Nijs